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Capability Browns

Hours Open:
8.00 - 18.00
8.00 - 18.00
8.00 - 18.00
8.00 - 18.00
8.00 - 18.00
8.00 - 18.00
13.00 - 17.00

Highland Baker and Crofter, member of Real Bread Campaign, lover and producer of all things local, seasonal, organic and yummy. I make a wide range of cakes, bakes, puddings, bannocks and breads and am a member of The Real Bread Campaign. I also make my own jams, marmalades, preserves and chutneys etc to be used in my baking, as well as drying other fruits to be used in things like granola and porridge bars.

All my baking is free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and additives. I try to use locally sourced (where possible) ingredients and always try to use what is in season. I also try to leave as little a footprint on the environment as possible.

I supply to trade and private customers.